ASP.NET development is taking giant strides in the IT world. This is because it offers several advantages compared to its counterparts.

ASP stands for Short form of Active Server Pages which Microsoft built to create interesting dynamic web pages and web applications. It is also an integral part of the .NET framework. It is a valuable tool for software programmers and developers can create rich websites easily.

The Dot NET framework is open not only just ASP but other programming languages can take advantage of the framework like J#, VB, C#, and the like. Developers can build ASP based applications using an IDE like Visual Studio. The Windows web server is perfect for hosting ASP based websites.

Earlier, web page content used to be static and hence was required to be manually re-modified. But with time, content on web page has become dynamic which gets updated automatically. This adds to the beauty of the page.

Some key advantages offered by ASP.NET for Web development include:

  • ASP.NET has the incredible feature of reducing the overall lines of code which are required to develop large applications.
  • ASP supports Windows authentication and one can keep the applications secured.
  • It is also an ideal server-side scripting technology since the code runs on Windows server before displaying it on the web browser.
  • The ASP code and HTML blend well with each other to create dynamic web pages.
  • The .NET framework is particularly language-independent which is advantageous for creating web applications.
  • It is easy to deploy since it consists of built-in configuration data.
  • The Windows Web server monitors the web pages precisely and checks over the various components and applications which run over it.
  • Immediate alerts and notifications are issued to the user in case of any memory leaks, unbounded loops and the like. Illegal behavior is killed instantly and the server restarts automatically.
  • The ASP.NET boasts of early binding, caching services, along with native optimization for high-quality performance and superb execution.
  • All the app processes are monitored with particular precision and minute observation which helps the app to be consistently available to handle requests.
  • ASP.NET consists of WYSIWYG editor tool which is available by default with the Visual Studio IDE.

ASP.NET is the next- gen platform which helps developers to create enterprise-level web applications. One of the best features of the development framework is that it supports event-driven programming and it can display events on the website. One can develop codes for handling event load options like click, change and the like.

It also has the unique property to expire automatically and recover web pages rapidly over ASP. The dynamic compilation helps to execute code. One can detect changes automatically in the code and helps in satisfying future requests by the web server.

The ASP.NET applications can handle more applications compared with traditional ASP. It is important to hire web development companies offshore in India so that one saves on money and time. Many of them are experts and are highly experienced with migration from ASP to ASP.NET. There are dedicated teams of web developers which take into account the limitations of time and cost but never compromise on the deliverables.

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