With the help of .Net Web Application Development, your business will have perfect user interfaces eventually, producing best results within the stipulated deadlines.

Today we find that devices like mobiles, smart phones and other gadgets like PDAs have become ubiquitous. We find every single individual, whether rich or poor having a mobile, also these mobiles include features like downloading ringtones, songs, news headlines, getting sports updates etc. For all this the credit goes to ASP.NET 2.0, as it facilitates its users to easily develop applications targeting such devices. Not all developers will make use of cellular devices in order to test their mobile applications, most renowned mobile companies like Nokia, Microsoft and many others have created device emulators for testing purposes.

You can select and use any CSS framework you desire, or Infact choose the most robust mobile system like Sencha or JQuery Mobile along with eminent mobile applications with PhoneGap. It’s all possible with ASP.NET.

Well this is not enough; the world of ASP.NET also includes another kind of application, which is used by a couple of developers. These are Mobile Web Applications. Mobile applications are created to operate on your mobile devices no matter whatever mobile device you use from Blackberry, or Pocket PC or a cell phone.

Well, this realm of development is a bit complicated and confusing as well, due to huge volumes of mobile gadgets and their different execution procedures along with visual competencies. We find many times, mobile developers concentrate mainly on one specific type and style of gadget so that they can generate their best aptitude instead of trying to develop more general one device that fits all implementation.

A .Net application development company is opted or preferred due to multiple reasons and best features like: interoperability, safety, sturdiness, reliability, it is user friendly in nature, and gives high performance. This article advices every IT business to select the IT services and best solutions provider that is outstanding in offering most valuable and genuine .Net application development.

There is another fanatical set of interface module included in this namespace, which is designed particularly to operate mobile gadgets; many of these gadgets replicate the most basic module in regular web forms creation like textboxes, buttons, labels etc.

Today, we find many renowned IT businesses for gaining more profit of web development services, outsource their applications to offshore .Net development companies, who are not only efficient enough to give back most pioneering and reliable solutions with affordable costs, but are always ready to give the work within prescribed deadlines. With the sudden escalation of .NET application development company services, many web developers are highly inspired to outshine in the field of dot net services of development.

Professional squads of .Net developers strive to accomplish high scaled IT solutions making use of modern IT equipments, which will help the businesses to face any challenge and always stay ahead of their competitors. The well versed team of developers unifies a combination of all technical tools and the real requirements of a specific business. It is mandatory to work out an appropriate strategy before executing of the application, thereby making it a complete business solution.
ASP.NET is a server-side Web application framework which is wonderfully designed for web development so that it can produce web pages.  Microsoft developed this unique platform of its kind so that programmers could build web sites, web applications and web services.

ASP.NET came into existence in January, 2002 with a version 1.0 of the .NET Framework, and it is also the successor to Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP) technology. ASP.NET is based on the Common Language Runtime (CLR), so that programmers based around the world can write ASP.NET code by the help of any supported .NET language.

Almost four years were spent by the makers to develop a web application framework of this kind. And ASP.NET was solely dedicated for web development, and after a series of beta releases in the year 2000 and the following year (2001), ASP.NET 1.0 was finally released for use on January 5, 2002 which was a part of version 1.0 of the .NET Framework.

Microsoft promoted
ASP.NET Application as a platform for web services. Scott Guthrie was the Product Unit Manager for ASP.NET and in the next year further improvement continued and a version 1.1 was being released on April 24, 2003. This release meant to improve ASP.NET’s support for the mobile devices.

There’s no doubt that ASP.NET Web pages are the main building blocks for application development Web forms that are present in files with an ".aspx" extension; contain static (X) HTML markup. A directive is also there in place of how ASP.NET should function.

With the rise in the number of IT companies, it has become difficult to pick up the right service provider for .Net Development Services.

It is a very difficult task to find reliable asp.net development companies who are experienced in the field with a number of projects in their repertoire. A company which can solve all sorts of complex as well as simple problems is necessary for providing competent solutions for Microsoft ASP.NET development. It also helps if the company is a Microsoft application development partner who has been making critical business applications by using standard project management processes with proven methodologies.

ASP.NET application development is part of the latest technology trends and most companies are expected to enhance the user experience as per the needs of their clients. The vendors are expected to complete the processes of analysis, development, deployment and maintenance in complete efficiency. The top software development companies ensure that all deliverables are perfectly scalable and reliable. They also see to it that it is customized during the development stage as per client requirements and aligned to their business processes. These solutions allow enterprises to develop cutting-edge applications which ensure good ROI.

The .NET framework has the ability to solve many problems which have been problematic for several developers in the past. Several issues related to the deployment of applications, memory leakage and several issues related to security are sorted out in the latest version of ASP.NET. The .NET platform also helps professionals to build powerful desktop applications on the basis of new functional class libraries of the framework.

Microsoft .NET is a perfect technology which blends in information, users, and diverse program systems with hardware. The adroit .NET developers can combine multiple technologies with the incorporation of important information at strategic junctures.

.NET technology provides several web application developers. The ideal .NET development company It leverages the skills and talents of the software development team for creating easy to use information systems. Since the nature of .NET is platform independent businesses can quickly integrate new applications with existing systems, and devices, thus promoting seamless collaboration and communication across the enterprise.

Some of the main advantages of using the .NET technology is the reduced code for better results and better performance since it promotes real-time compilation, early binding, and an important benefit of native optimization.

Web pages can be attributed with the features of form submission and client authorization easily. Since .NET is language independent, one can pick and choose their preferred language for developing applications. It automatically detects infinite looping, and loss of memory along with any illegal activities, which leads the server to restart immediately.

Some of other features of .NET development is automatic deployment, editing in the form of WYSIWYG editor along with several drag-and-drop server controls.

.NET is a popular web development technology but it is essential to pick up the right service provider and Software Development Company which can build flexible, complex and technologically advanced web applications. Experienced software development solution providers are the best bet for developing flexible applications since they mostly have considerable experience to tackle any issues easily during the .NET web application development process.
Project architects always need to plan an efficient strategy for .Net App Development and the applications in question.

The primary goal of all project architects is to create a plan which works from the ground up in regards to the creation of a wholly new application. All relevant factors need to be considered while creating the application right from its structural design and layout to the architecture. It is necessitated by Microsoft to devise.NET strategies and design guidelines which are part of the entire DNA (Distributed interNet Application) platform. This model serves the purpose for developing varied applications. Also, this model helps in creating robust, distributed applications which are divided in three distinct layers which includes the presentation layer, the business rules layer and data access layer.

With each of the independent layers within itself is a separate issue altogether. One can have its own methodologies which one can devise for standardizing best practices within an organization. The factors involved with each of the methodologies involve proper design, effective data access and eye-pleasing presentation. Each of the layers is important for the overall health of the application, and all of them need to be optimized to the maximum. One can go through each Tier and by employing the best methods, one can secure a robust, safe and high-performance application fo the distributed environment.

One of the most important issues in this regard is high performance and scalability of the application on different platforms. Performance is related to the application’s responsiveness and the actual performance in question. This part can be taken care with the methodologies that are being implemented as best practices within an organization. Scalability is a parallel topic that relates to high-performance of the application for all users and does not get tied up to a single server for that matter. High scalable applications are used to minimize network traffic, and the overall interaction with the server-side database implemented by the organization. One can then utilize the scalability factor to enhance the performance of the application.

It is highly difficult to architect a robust application and it requires the use of a time-tested, structurally sound methodology devised by an expert. It requires a methodology which has an application development process which can break the application into separate, easily maintainable components which require single modifications for implementing site-wide changes. The importance of harmony is required between diverse IT development teams, so that no one is required to interfere in each other’s tasks. The parts should make sense to the end result application or the sum total. It is not only important to create several high performing components of the application but it is altogether important to lead all the components to a single whole application which has integrated functionalities and features, performing as a unit.

It is recommended for most organizations to hire experienced
.NET App Developers or .NET app development companies for learning more ways to maximize the features of an application. It is important to find out outside sources which can deliver in-depth information which is required for your organization to create a fully functional application which makes sense to the entire picture.

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Scalability and performance are two of the most significant factors that determine the efficiency of any new application.  .NET app development has been one of the most innovative technologies in use today.

This software development platform is aimed at rapid application development, network transparency and platform independence. Hence, it proves to be an ideal framework for developing and building high performance and strong enterprise solutions.

As a matter of fact, it has always been a major goal of the project heads and architects to plan out a useful strategy from the scratch in regard to the use of a new application. In this regard, all relevant facts are taken into account with respect to the .NET application, starting from the layout to the design of the functional website infrastructure.

.NET model successfully serves the purpose of architecting network transparency and platform independence and rapid application development. Hence, the .Net application development platform has been playing the most crucial role in improving framework interoperability and thus supporting the business to utilize information, data and application in the most efficient manner.

In the most recent times, the significance the .NET development has been perceived as one of the most effective platforms which cater to the demands of the target audience. There are many companies that bring forth custom .NET Application development solutions in order to address and meet the future as well as present business requirements. Most of these companies involve their extensive experience and knowledge in delivering custom, end to end .NET solutions for wide ranging clients engaged in different industrial sectors like finance, insurance, ecommerce, healthcare, medical devices, hospitality etc.

A company specializing in application development generally includes a .NET team with extensive knowledge in the Microsoft technologies that include .NET, SharePoint, ADO.NET, VB.NET, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Silver light, Windows Communication foundation (WCF) and Windows Workflow Foundation (WF).

Each and every company offering .net app development services works with an essential target and that is provide high calibre convention programming provisions that help meet the diverse technical and business requirements on time. The services offered by the companies include SaaS, Document Management, Content Management, eCommerce, Business Intelligence, Interactive Media, Extranets/Intranets, and Internet Portals.

The team of experts offering .NET development services help connect systems, information and services through software. The team offers development, design as well as integration business solutions based on the .NET platform. Some of the most comprehensive solutions also include technology upgrade services, .NET web service, .NET custom control development, custom software development, content management system (CMS) development, E-commerce application development, Migration and Integration Services, .NET architecture design and design evaluation.

Whether you are looking for mobile application development, web application development, and other IT support services, you must make sure to choose a team with experienced .NET developers, investigators, designers and planners in order to ensure a wide variety of services. Bear in mind that the most experienced team will include a vast array of advanced development technologies and techniques to bring you the desired outcome. So, make sure to conduct a thorough background check before you choose a team.

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For a .NET developer, it is crucial that he or she should feel confident about one’s skills and have a good hold on logic. For these and other tips, read more…

A .NET developer is in demand nowadays. But it is necessary to have conviction in one’s own skills and build on one’s confidence to become the .NET developer for whom every company is willing to put their money on. Here are some of the tips to becoming one…

Mastery over fundamentals

One should have absolute mastery over fundamentals of the .Net language. The C# language specification has gone through different changes and additions since .Net was released. Every developer needs to have total understanding of all types of constructs in detail here. One should write relevant code based on development environment and not anyhow. Mastery over fundamentals takes up some time but it would be well worth it. Fundamentals are never going to change over a period of time and hence if a developer wants to continue in the field, one needs to get their base right. Pros who have mastered OOAD are never going back to their basics since all languages follow the same OOAD paradigm.

There have been umpteen additions / enhancements but the central core of the framework remains the same. But there are many who can code a WCF service but are not confident enough in OOAD. Without clear understanding about their own code, one builds wrong skills and develops poor programming habits. Their value would rise only when they attempt to genuinely try to create code by themselves and apply logic to many scenarios.

Knowing the meaning of encapsulation does not mean that the programmer actually knows the meaning of a bank branch and the processes within the bank just because he has an account and goes to the bank regularly.

Pursue excellence

Different individuals come up with different strategies in the IT world. Some are ready to include certifications and mostly are the first ones to complete it. Some add new technology buzzwords to project themselves as overtly efficient. Using more buzzwords and tech jumbo is a good ploy but in the long term, this ploy would not work. One needs to benchmark oneself with the best developers in the field and then try to be like them.

The pursuit of excellence is for life and a developer needs to have long term focus for achieving success in their journey. The .NET developer needs to have self-discipline and genuine interest with a deep passion for the field. .NET development should make you lose track of time. Passion is only when all the senses are in consonance with each other and in complete sync.

Embrace personal growth

One needs to embrace personal growth for long term success. The balance of life and work is important and can make all the difference in life. One needs to evolve to becoming a true leader in the field and set goals for achieving the next target.

These 3 pillars need to be imbibed by a .Net developer to live as an ideal developer for others to follow. One should be clear about the specifics that you would need to start moving and continue moving forward.
.NET Development is in vogue today in the field of offshore software development. Even engineers and developers are in constant demand today.

It is important for offshore development centers to diversify their IT solutions in different technologies along with different domains. It is also very important to have projects of diverse nature for training the hired developers and enrich their experience. Developer retention is very critical for companies today. Most companies based in eastern countries like India receive contracts and offshore projects of .NET development of custom applications, maintenance and support of E-commerce shopping carts and development of online marketing solutions along with support for mobile websites too.

Many software development professionals based in India are adept in different technologies including .NET development. But along with expertise, the other criteria are experience since not many companies are keen to hire novices in any field. Website database solutions development and website framework development are the new fads. On top of website development and hosting of sites, the content plays a major role in the success of a company. The content needs to be SEO-specific which means it needs to be keyword-rich and optimized for search engines too.

The .NET Framework and Active Server Pages .NET (ASP.NET) are efficient technologies which help out developers and programmers to create innovative and unique applications and Web services without putting in too much effort. Applications made using the .Net technology are mostly compatible with any platform for use. There are various technologies like PHP, JSP (using Java), CGI and many others which are very popular. But .NET development has created a niche market because of Microsoft’s branding perspective. It helps developers to create web services which are reusable component applications which encourage distributed computing and standard protocols. Those who are conversant with the framework will find it helpful to market their apps more quickly. One can spend time and effort in sorting and understanding the client's business issues and very less time to actually implement the solution in a particular technology like .NET.

Here are some of the typical services provided by .NET application development providers who are many in number but need to be chosen with minute attention and research:

  • Migration of Applications to .NET
  • .NET Design services
  •  .NET Custom web services Development
  •  .NET Web Application Development
  •  .NET based product development
  •  .NET Application Development
  •  Legacy modernization or migration from ASP to .NET

Any .NET compatible language can be used for development including VB.net, C# and Jscript .NET. One needs to understand the needs and then demonstrate the .NET framework capabilities. Most developers are experienced working with ASP.NET, VB.NET, MS Access, Visual Basic and the like.

A plethora of all types of scripts are required for making the website functions and they might involve emails and data-tracking programs for upgrades on a time to time basis. .Net developers and engineers need to understand that development of a live application is a big deal and hence one needs to get enough practice in programming. The best part about offshore software development using .NET development, especially with a Microsoft partner is that they can easily solve the problems of integration with third-party systems.
The job market and the demand for the IT industry are well balanced as of now but some statistics suggest that not all things are rosy after all!

Many companies start out building websites for promotional activities and even offer online market places along with custom platforms for live retail. E-commerce hiring is seriously underway as search for .NET developers is on. There were as many as 25,000 job ads available for software professionals proficient with e-commerce and experienced in the US. The figures suggest that the demand has hiked a lot.

E-commerce skills are usually preferred by many companies who are of technical background too. IT professionals are always needed to implement e-commerce platforms. Marketers are important to direct web traffic to relevant sites and analysts are hired as consultants who consult a company regarding the process.  Although Java developers are in huge demand, .NET developers are also preferred in many places.

.Net developers are required to have different skills while they opt for e-commerce jobs. These jobs are technical in nature and hence most of the skills are programming related. The .NET developer is expected to understand and know about the complete System Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Application management, Microsoft PowerPoint, Oracle Java and sometimes, Business development.

The demand for development skills is high enough while there is particularly limited supply of potential candidates for the jobs. According to the Hiring Scale™ statistics, recruiters find some jobs extremely difficult to fill. An average of 6 weeks is spent on advertising jobs and on sourcing candidates for filling up the positions. Some places are facing the most challenging overall recruiting conditions. Employers are now vying for the best candidates while not many developers are as skilled while entering the workforce. In Boulder and Albany especially, the job posting period is a whopping 8 weeks since it takes an additional 2 weeks more for filling up jobs than the US average.

Here is an interesting fact: The Silicon Valley is not the hardest place for recruiting .NET developers.

The Silicon Valley does not have much problem in filling up its programmers. New York boasts of the most number of web developer job ads compared to any city in the US. Some cities are currently experiencing extremely difficult job market conditions and long average job posting periods.

Some web developers are in more demand than their counterparts who are good in some other technology. Searching for web developers would not reveal much insight into the most commonly used titles. One should search for developers by stating their technology too. For example, Java Developer, .NET Developer and SharePoint Developer are referring to niche developers but the results are quick and accurate.

According to some stats, there are alternative locations where getting a job of a .NET developer is the easiest to recruit. The best towns for employment are Hagerstown, Maryland, and Salem, Oregon.

In these areas, Employers are hiring few people and hence there is less competition. Recruiters do not take much time up for sourcing potential candidates here. Job ads in these locations stay online for not more than 22 days.  Other cities should target their ads in these cities to hire good talent which would also help them to fill jobs faster once the developers are willing to relocate.
ASP.NET development is taking giant strides in the IT world. This is because it offers several advantages compared to its counterparts.

ASP stands for Short form of Active Server Pages which Microsoft built to create interesting dynamic web pages and web applications. It is also an integral part of the .NET framework. It is a valuable tool for software programmers and developers can create rich websites easily.

The Dot NET framework is open not only just ASP but other programming languages can take advantage of the framework like J#, VB, C#, and the like. Developers can build ASP based applications using an IDE like Visual Studio. The Windows web server is perfect for hosting ASP based websites.

Earlier, web page content used to be static and hence was required to be manually re-modified. But with time, content on web page has become dynamic which gets updated automatically. This adds to the beauty of the page.

Some key advantages offered by ASP.NET for Web development include:

  • ASP.NET has the incredible feature of reducing the overall lines of code which are required to develop large applications.
  • ASP supports Windows authentication and one can keep the applications secured.
  • It is also an ideal server-side scripting technology since the code runs on Windows server before displaying it on the web browser.
  • The ASP code and HTML blend well with each other to create dynamic web pages.
  • The .NET framework is particularly language-independent which is advantageous for creating web applications.
  • It is easy to deploy since it consists of built-in configuration data.
  • The Windows Web server monitors the web pages precisely and checks over the various components and applications which run over it.
  • Immediate alerts and notifications are issued to the user in case of any memory leaks, unbounded loops and the like. Illegal behavior is killed instantly and the server restarts automatically.
  • The ASP.NET boasts of early binding, caching services, along with native optimization for high-quality performance and superb execution.
  • All the app processes are monitored with particular precision and minute observation which helps the app to be consistently available to handle requests.
  • ASP.NET consists of WYSIWYG editor tool which is available by default with the Visual Studio IDE.

ASP.NET is the next- gen platform which helps developers to create enterprise-level web applications. One of the best features of the development framework is that it supports event-driven programming and it can display events on the website. One can develop codes for handling event load options like click, change and the like.

It also has the unique property to expire automatically and recover web pages rapidly over ASP. The dynamic compilation helps to execute code. One can detect changes automatically in the code and helps in satisfying future requests by the web server.

The ASP.NET applications can handle more applications compared with traditional ASP. It is important to hire web development companies offshore in India so that one saves on money and time. Many of them are experts and are highly experienced with migration from ASP to ASP.NET. There are dedicated teams of web developers which take into account the limitations of time and cost but never compromise on the deliverables.
High end software development has one of the most effective technologies in the reckoning which is Microsoft .NET. Today, it has established its reputation as one of the most important technologies in the world.

If we talk about technological advancements, there are various changes in the IT world in terms of infrastructure, hardware and advanced programming services. But for those seeking high end web application services, they are mostly mightily pleased with advanced .Net development services. It is one of the most used web technologies which is in vogue among web developers today. .NET is a combination of a number of technologies, tools as well as international coding standards. The evolution in web development is commonly attributed to .NET development which has generated tremendous interest in creating cloud-based solutions too. There are a plethora of .NET applications in the online world too which are connected to diverse domains and industries.

There is intense competition in the field but there is also the need to generate more business online with expertise and experience. To achieve this, optimal use of .Net development services is of huge importance. This latest web technology has encapsulated huge amount of information and critical data which include facts about customers, operations, services and the like. If one wants to create an impressive and marketable website with dynamic features and incredible functionalities, .Net application development is what you must resort to.

Here are some reasons why .NET development rules the web development world:

  • .NET technology gives varied support to different authentication services including e-wallets, passwords, and various types of smart cards.
  • It delivers smooth browsing capabilities, navigation and innovative website functionalities for software development.
  • By employing .NET technology one can take advantage of a plethora of directory services that can solve XML queries.
  • One can develop web services using the SOAP toolkit and making optimum use of .Net framework.

.NET technology was originally known as NGWS which means Next Generation Windows Services. .Net is actually a thoughtful combination of technologies and development tools and the infrastructure is well integrated into Microsoft's operating systems and other products.

Some of the .Net development services provided by vendors include:

  •  .Net Ajax development solutions.
  • Web Services /WCF development.
  • Crystal reports development and implementation.
  • Windows forms development.
  • WPF and Windows Services application development.
  • Legacy modernization services and migration from ASP classic to .NET platform.
  • Custom web parts and SharePoint development.
  • Azure and custom cloud computing services.

It is important for vendors to have a cohesive methodology in place derived from combining industry experience, standard principles and concepts, and analytical expertise of creating industry-specific solutions. It is important for clients to choose the best software development methodology considering the usefulness of the project such as project scope, deliverables, and the like.

Different vendors have different methodologies to follow most of them assign dedicated teams for each of the .NET development projects. Usually every project has a Project Lead, senior .NET Developer and software engineers specializing in .NET working for every project.

It is also necessary in a vendor company that the teams should work closely with the testing team for meeting high quality standards in software development. One should ensure that the team is well experienced to handle any problem in .Net implementation.