For a .NET developer, it is crucial that he or she should feel confident about one’s skills and have a good hold on logic. For these and other tips, read more…

A .NET developer is in demand nowadays. But it is necessary to have conviction in one’s own skills and build on one’s confidence to become the .NET developer for whom every company is willing to put their money on. Here are some of the tips to becoming one…

Mastery over fundamentals

One should have absolute mastery over fundamentals of the .Net language. The C# language specification has gone through different changes and additions since .Net was released. Every developer needs to have total understanding of all types of constructs in detail here. One should write relevant code based on development environment and not anyhow. Mastery over fundamentals takes up some time but it would be well worth it. Fundamentals are never going to change over a period of time and hence if a developer wants to continue in the field, one needs to get their base right. Pros who have mastered OOAD are never going back to their basics since all languages follow the same OOAD paradigm.

There have been umpteen additions / enhancements but the central core of the framework remains the same. But there are many who can code a WCF service but are not confident enough in OOAD. Without clear understanding about their own code, one builds wrong skills and develops poor programming habits. Their value would rise only when they attempt to genuinely try to create code by themselves and apply logic to many scenarios.

Knowing the meaning of encapsulation does not mean that the programmer actually knows the meaning of a bank branch and the processes within the bank just because he has an account and goes to the bank regularly.

Pursue excellence

Different individuals come up with different strategies in the IT world. Some are ready to include certifications and mostly are the first ones to complete it. Some add new technology buzzwords to project themselves as overtly efficient. Using more buzzwords and tech jumbo is a good ploy but in the long term, this ploy would not work. One needs to benchmark oneself with the best developers in the field and then try to be like them.

The pursuit of excellence is for life and a developer needs to have long term focus for achieving success in their journey. The .NET developer needs to have self-discipline and genuine interest with a deep passion for the field. .NET development should make you lose track of time. Passion is only when all the senses are in consonance with each other and in complete sync.

Embrace personal growth

One needs to embrace personal growth for long term success. The balance of life and work is important and can make all the difference in life. One needs to evolve to becoming a true leader in the field and set goals for achieving the next target.

These 3 pillars need to be imbibed by a .Net developer to live as an ideal developer for others to follow. One should be clear about the specifics that you would need to start moving and continue moving forward.