.NET Development is in vogue today in the field of offshore software development. Even engineers and developers are in constant demand today.

It is important for offshore development centers to diversify their IT solutions in different technologies along with different domains. It is also very important to have projects of diverse nature for training the hired developers and enrich their experience. Developer retention is very critical for companies today. Most companies based in eastern countries like India receive contracts and offshore projects of .NET development of custom applications, maintenance and support of E-commerce shopping carts and development of online marketing solutions along with support for mobile websites too.

Many software development professionals based in India are adept in different technologies including .NET development. But along with expertise, the other criteria are experience since not many companies are keen to hire novices in any field. Website database solutions development and website framework development are the new fads. On top of website development and hosting of sites, the content plays a major role in the success of a company. The content needs to be SEO-specific which means it needs to be keyword-rich and optimized for search engines too.

The .NET Framework and Active Server Pages .NET (ASP.NET) are efficient technologies which help out developers and programmers to create innovative and unique applications and Web services without putting in too much effort. Applications made using the .Net technology are mostly compatible with any platform for use. There are various technologies like PHP, JSP (using Java), CGI and many others which are very popular. But .NET development has created a niche market because of Microsoft’s branding perspective. It helps developers to create web services which are reusable component applications which encourage distributed computing and standard protocols. Those who are conversant with the framework will find it helpful to market their apps more quickly. One can spend time and effort in sorting and understanding the client's business issues and very less time to actually implement the solution in a particular technology like .NET.

Here are some of the typical services provided by .NET application development providers who are many in number but need to be chosen with minute attention and research:

  • Migration of Applications to .NET
  • .NET Design services
  •  .NET Custom web services Development
  •  .NET Web Application Development
  •  .NET based product development
  •  .NET Application Development
  •  Legacy modernization or migration from ASP to .NET

Any .NET compatible language can be used for development including VB.net, C# and Jscript .NET. One needs to understand the needs and then demonstrate the .NET framework capabilities. Most developers are experienced working with ASP.NET, VB.NET, MS Access, Visual Basic and the like.

A plethora of all types of scripts are required for making the website functions and they might involve emails and data-tracking programs for upgrades on a time to time basis. .Net developers and engineers need to understand that development of a live application is a big deal and hence one needs to get enough practice in programming. The best part about offshore software development using .NET development, especially with a Microsoft partner is that they can easily solve the problems of integration with third-party systems.