Microsoft solutions have attended to diverse problems with major success. For a stronger partner ecosystem, Microsoft believes that every partner must receive substantial benefits.

The goal of Microsoft's partner management teams was to crack sales. Microsoft partners have a huge amount of choices, including Linux and thin-client solutions; hence the company provides some strategic content and collateral's with huge marketing benefits. There are some technical benefits after one becomes a Microsoft Development Partner with different competencies.By sharing technical data and other important resources with its elite set of partners, Microsoft makes sure that the third-party products meet the goals.
  • Partners also might get early releases of new Microsoft operating systems and applications, access to the technical SDK and some well-designed Microsoft templates which contain the technical details of a particular solution.
  • All partners also get access to important Microsoft communities, sites or newsgroups. The communities help in solving problems related to any of the issues that partners might be facing.
  • Some communities including the developer communities like Developer Network (MSDN) have been around from many years and some have come up to face typical issues.
  • Here are some Marketing Benefits associated with Microsoft development in the partner community
  • Microsoft measures the customer base in millions and has expanded every year with each passing software release.
  • Its customers include eminent business and institutional settings since the company has been able to advertise its solutions with a wide reach and even helped its partners profit from the reach.
  • Partners benefit from marketing campaigns that is organized by Microsoft without having to bear expenses.
  •  The Windows Marketplace includes thousands of software releases and solutions along with 50,000 hardware items sold and bought by partners
  • Diverse quality of marketing collateral and campaigns are presented and produced by Microsoft which can then be used by their partners or solution providers.
  • Solution providers and partners can easily complement Microsoft offerings by making use of new markets and solutions.
  • One can make use of go-to-market campaigns which make use of opportunities and help in gathering partners to support them.
A close partnership with Microsoft can help its partners in Microsoft solution development and implementation and also help them to reduce marketing and sales costs. Most partners can recover the direct costs associated with the fees for program participation along with other certifications.

The product releases are up-to-date on time and hence there are less risks associated with failure of delivery.

Microsoft's success has a dominant factor in its software which can run on every PC and the low costs can help partners to develop attractive packages for tailored business requirements.

Microsoft has a huge partner ecosystem all over the world which helps the company to save on costs and also the aim to serve small customers which the company would not be able to serve easily.

The strong network of partners and the family of Microsoft's products has been a major reason for the success of most software based companies. Partners can take help from other partners and get tips from the partner program for successfully delivering solutions using Microsoft software.

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The top requests from hiring managers this year has been for developers which is indeed great news for software engineers and professionals!

The recruiting environment for software development professionals including the .NET professionals has been quite good according to the jobs site Dice. IT teams are in great demand since they play pivotal roles in supporting companies' goals. Investment in technology has increased too which refers to the increasing demand on software professionals.

Hiring managers have searched for .NET developers and professionals along with SharePoint developers in the last quarter. The need of .Net developers has increased since last year as companies are willing to increase their IT spending to reach their goals.

New York showed tremendous need of technology jobs including jobs for software professionals and topped the list of top cities for getting technology jobs. The demand has risen nearly five percent compared to last year in the city. The Washington DC/Baltimore metro were a close second while Silicon Valley, Chicago and Los Angeles were part of the top five according to the recent Dice report.

There is a great deal of analysis going on the relative shortage of .NET Developers and Java developers in the US. According to a report released last September, the shortage of .NET developers has affected companies in all US states. The problem with the shrinking number of .NET developers is partly attributed to the fact that most professionals are concerned whether they will be able to move out to different platforms in the near future after they specialize in .NET application development. It is not easy for .NET engineers to branch out to multiple platforms, according to analysts. Additionally, software development professionals are concerned about the money gap since .NET developers are getting paid less that their Java counterparts on an average.

Matching up with IT professionals in the US, UK and Ireland also displayed a strong demand of IT professionals in their cities. The need for software professionals is particularly high in Ireland in different domains including .Net, Java and C++. Specialists of any of these languages are always in demand in these places.

Most financial services and insurance companies are opting to hire software professionals and also willing to increase their IT spending for the year to accommodate them, according to recent surveys.

Those candidates who are specialized in software development in one of the languages are in demand for their skill sets such as Java, .NET and C++ and most of them even command a hike of more than 5-10% when they are changing jobs in Ireland.

Project managers for .NET development are also in demand albeit in contract roles. There is a high preference amongst companies to hire project managers particularly this year. Recent surveys indicate that .Net developers in UK earn salaries of between €47,000 and €66,000 annually this year which is a slight difference from the previous year where the upper limit was about €60,000.

General software developers are also in high demand although the salary range is a bit on the lower side compared to specialists. The future is expected to be bright for the .NET developers throughout 2012 and continued business is expected to pour in for the professionals.

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